A mind and body at
peace lets the soul heal.


A Warrior’s Oasis
Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Warrior’s Oasis?

A Warrior’s Oasis, Inc. is a military focused non-profit organization that plans to serve all branches and work with VA approved professionals who are trained specifically with PTS. The ranch is a peaceful, 480 acres setting with individual cabins, a galley, reading and fitness center, hiking trails, fishing, and equine therapy available for service members and veterans to decompress with their immediate families. It is our mission to help families reconnect and re-bond after stressful deployments.

Why are we doing this?

Being a retired master chief and having deployed and worked with thousands of people in all branches of the military, David has seen what a moment of relaxation or a short respite can do for someone struggling with PTS. That moment of release from stress can last for several hours which the family feels and provides a moment of relaxation for them as well. Fishing for a few hours provides hours of relief to the tortured soul.

Rene has not served in the military but sees the same struggles. PTS not only tortures the service member, but it also tortures the souls of their loved ones who see the pain, but don’t understand the depth of hopelessness that their service members bring home from their deployment experiences. Rene had not seen or noticed the effects of PTS until she started working with the recruiting stations as the commanding officer of a Naval Sea Cadet unit. This is where Rene starting meeting people who were struggling with PTS.

Their mission is to provide relief for those who need it by providing a quiet place without the everyday triggers and chaos. Fishing, hiking, equine therapy, and many others activities in an environment where the mind and body at rest can let the soul heal. This allows for professional certified therapists who have experience with PTS and TBI to assist Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Guardsman, Marines and veterans to find a way to manage the effects of PTS or TBI in a peaceful and safe environment.

Where is A Warrior’s Oasis located?

A Warrior’s Oasis is located on the Silver Sky Ranch which is located 15 miles from Quemado, New Mexico. The ranch was purchased by the co-founders David Dickey and Rene Marcoux for this purpose. This organization and their good deeds helping service members, veterans, and their families shall last long past the time when David and Rene are gone.

When did A Warrior’s Oasis begin?

Time Line

Summer 2016 - The idea began when we were discussing the painful status of a few dear friends that suffer from post-traumatic stress, and how they and their families were struggling to exist with this debilitating condition. We began to think about what we could do to help them and others. Many hours of discussions occurred as the concept began to take shape and form.

January 2017 - With a nod and blessing from our respective spouses, we decided to create an organization to provide a place where service members, veterans, and their families could go to rejuvenate.

August 2017 – We had a name ~ and 'A Warrior’s Oasis' was born. The logo concept for our new vision was passed to two active, duty Navy Sailors to create. Next, we flew from Orange County, California to New Mexico so we could take a look at some properties. When we saw Silver Sky Ranch, we knew this 480-acre property was the perfect place where this incredible opportunity to serve those who serve(d) our nation would begin.

September 2017 - Escrow was opened on Silver Sky Ranch in Quemado, New Mexico. AWO's Board of Directors was formed, and A Warrior’s Oasis was officially incorporated in New Mexico, by the Secretary of State on September 28, 2017.

November 2017 - A Warrior’s Oasis, Inc.'s logo was completed and we began moving forward at light speed!

December 13, 2017 - A Warrior’s Oasis, Inc.'s 1023 application was filed successfully with the IRS for the non-profit 501(c)3 status.

January 2018 - David and Rene closed escrow on Silver Sky Ranch for A Warrior's Oasis, Inc.

February 5, 2018 - The IRS sent a 'Letter of Determination' officially designating A Warrior’s Oasis, Inc as a non-profit entity, backdating AWO's 501(c)3 status date to our incorporation date of September 28, 2017.

March 2018 - A Warrior’s Oasis website (awarriorsoasis.org) went live and A Warrior’s Oasis logo received its official copyright of the hand-drawn logo crafted by active duty USN Sailors. And now, our joyful mission begins!

January 2020 – A Warrior’s Oasis begins accepting Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guardsman, Marines and veterans.