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President’s Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization

We are very proud and excited to announce that A Warrior’s Oasis, Inc. has been granted the honor of becoming an official 'Certifying Organization' for the 'President’s Volunteer Service Award.'.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award was established in 2003 by an Executive Order from George W. Bush. President Bush's purpose of this tremendous program was to honor volunteers with an official civil award for their many hours given each year helping others. This beautiful award can be earned and granted to individuals, families and organizations to honor volunteer service hours given throughout the United States of America.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes U.S. citizens and lawfully approved, permanent residents of the United States who have earned the required number of hours through a period of twelve (12) months. Volunteers can elect to have their hours recorded and certified with A Warrior's Oasis, Inc. during the 12-month calendar year (January through December). So often, volunteers who give so much of their time to doing wonderful things for non-profit organizations do so without expecting any recognition for their time and service. We believe that it is important to recognize our volunteers officially for their never-ending compassion and service to others.

Based on certified volunteer service hours, individuals can receive the Presidential Bronze, Silver, or Gold award. In addition, the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon those who have given 4,000 hours or more during their lifetime, families or groups with two or more people each giving volunteer service of 25 hours towards the total required hours for Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. 

Your volunteer service matters to A Warrior's Oasis, Inc., to our veteran and service member communities, and to our nation