A mind and body at
peace lets the soul heal.

A Warrior's Oasis News

On January 25th, 2018, we closed escrow on a 480-acre ranch in a quiet, small rural town called Quemado, located in Catron County, NM.

'Silver Sky Ranch' has two solar-powered green homes, a large barn and tack room, horse paddocks that will be developed to serve AWO's organizational needs.

Our therapeutic concept is to combine our uniquely developed guest lodging, private counseling spaces, a warm and welcoming galley & dining area, fun activity packed recreation hang-out, fitness center, fishing basins, horseback riding, hiking and many other leisure activities into an experience that could bring true relief to those who suffer from PTSD.

By providing respite and retreat services in which veterans and service members living with PTSD can relax and participate in support services, meet others facing similar challenges, the organization will work to improve the quality of life for those who have sacrificed so very much in defense of our Nation.

A Warrior’s Oasis’ focus is on providing services (through our Ranch facility) without the stress triggers that affect so many with PTSD. A quiet and peaceful location allows our Guests to rest and clear their minds. Then they can engage in programs lasting anywhere from five to fourteen days in length, during which they will participate in scheduled workshops, and recreation, but have plenty of time to themselves. AWO will also provide an opportunity where veterans and service members can come and regroup with qualified therapists to gain professional support.

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